Dog Grooming; What It Entails?

Dogs are fondly referred to as man’s best friend. This is so because of the cordial relationship between many dogs and their masters. Dogs have been trained for a myriad of tasks to assist people in their day to day activities. First and foremost, the biggest fulfillment that dogs give their owners is that of being a pet. Many people love pets and dogs are the perfect pet for many. Dogs are used in many other instances to achieve different objectives. For instance, police use dogs to track criminals. They can also be used in tracking drugs if the dog is properly trained for such a task. Disabled people such as blind people can use specially trained dogs to help them in their day to day activities such as navigation in the case of a blind person. Dogs have since old times been used for security. If properly trained, a good dog can help a great deal in handling a security threat such as a burglar or a trespasser. However; dogs, such as all other pets require maintenance for them to be healthy and to enhance hygiene. Hygiene helps protect the owner from illness as well as the dog. Feeding for example is important to maintain the health of the dog and its strength to avoid the dog getting ill and weakly. The pet industry has evolved into a big industry hence highlighting the importance which many people accord their pets.

Dog washing helps rid the dog of harmful bacteria. This is especially important because most dogs are household pets. Depending on the dog breed, different washing frequencies are necessary to ensure the dog is hygienic to keep both the dog and those it gets into contact with free from infection. It is important for a dog to be treated for rabies by a vet to avoid the ugly scenario of a particular dog biting someone and causing rabies infection. This should be up to the dog owner since the law holds the owner accountable for the dog. Ear cleaning should also be done as part of the dog grooming process to clean out bacteria and avoid the dog’s ears getting infected. Dogs with drooping ears and long hair are specifically prone to ear infections due to the fact that their ears do not come into contact with the air often enough hence availing optimum conditions for bacterial growth.

Dogs should have their nails trimmed by a professional dog groomer. This is because if not done correctly, this can result in the dog experiencing pain. Nail trimming should be done with regard to how fast the dog’s nails grow. Due to the playful nature of dogs, nail trimming is important to make sure that the dog does not bruise anyone with its nails or spoil furniture such as chairs. It is also important that a dog’s hair be cut every once in a while. This is important in the case of hairy dogs and serves the purpose of improving the dog’s looks and hygiene. Apart from cutting, the hair should also be brushed often to avoid tangling.