Tips To Keep Your Cattery In Good Shape

After getting the license to run a cattery, you are now ready to take your business to the next level. If you intend to make good of this business, your cats must be healthy and comfortable. There are a couple of things that you should consider. This include e grooming, getting a veterinary doctor, feeding.
Choosing a vet
When you decide you want to a facility for animals, irrespective of what kind of animal, having a veterinarian you can count on is very important. Even long before you start bringing cats in, you should already have a vet that you intend to work with. Discuss your needs with the vet so they get an understanding of what type of services you may need in the nearest future. The following are some of the questions you will want to ask your vet even before you start receiving cats;

Will they be available to for house calls when necessary?
Will they be available for phone consultations
Will they be willing to attend to emergencies?
Who will be available when the Vet is away
Is the Vet using a specific clinic for emergencies? If so you may need to contact the clinic for introductions.

Your vet plays a very important role in your business and their advice should be taken seriously. They can suggest the best control measures for parasites and even create vaccination schedules for all your cats.
You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you maintain your facility in a proper way. First of all, the facility itself should be cleaned on a daily basis. Ensure that feeding bowls are emptied and sanitized.  All litter boxes should be checked and emptied as well as sanitized.  If you have the long hair bread, endeavour to brush their fur everyday so you don’t end up with fur all over the facility. To help identification of the different pets, you could give them different colour collars or tags. You should keep a log of each cat’s behavior and quickly notify your vet if you notice strange behavior. When you become familiar which the way each cat behaves, it becomes easy to tell if a cat is sick or not.
The type of food your cats eat will play a big role on their health. If you are trying to save money in other areas of managing the facility, food is definitely not one of such areas. Always buy food that is of the best quality and also take into account those that may have special dietary needs like pregnant or nursing cats.
The best way to feed your cats is individually so you can check their different eating habits. When cats are left to eat together, it can lead to some not eating and to others over feeding. It may also result in a lot of fighting. Ideally, measure the food and feed them at least twice a day.
While all of the above are necessary factors for cattery, do not forget that human interaction is the best way to make your cats happy.